Here at Let’s Go Scoutside, I am always on the look out for guest bloggers to share their stories and advice. I am a small blog, so writing for me is ideal if you’re just starting out and want some backlinks to your content.

Contact me if you’re interested. Please make sure that your post coincides with the below guidelines, or it will be outright rejected. Good luck!

What to put in your submission?

When you first get in touch, all I want is the following:

  • A brief pitch of what kind of post you want
  • The name you prefer to go by (plus pronouns, if relevant)
  • A link to your blog and socials

That’s it! I will reply as soon as possible and let you know if I am interested in featuring the post on my blog. If so, I will then ask for the full article. See below for more details on what kind of writing I am looking for.

What kind of posts am I looking for?

Your content must be travel related. This can mean many things, however! Whether you’re writing a food guide for a specific location, a hotel review or the ultimate list of places to go line dancing, your guide falls under the travel spectrum.

My blog is currently small, but I value the quality I put out there very much, and I would love for any guest posts to stay true to that value.

What to put (or not put) in your post:

  • Posts must be 1,000-1,500 words long
  • Posts must be well written, with a personality and good use of English (this means spelling, grammar and punctuation must be on point!)
  • Post must be a guide or offer value to readers, personal stories are not what I am looking for, unfortunately
  • Post must not include any affiliate links.
  • Posts about international politics or religion will be rejected. Such things are very important, but not here. I’d rather hear your 10 ingenious ways to wash your clothes when you can’t find a launderette!
  • Your post must be as evergreen as possible, meaning viable year-round, for years to come (so a post about ‘what to do Christmas 2019 in Berlin’ would not be accepted, but a post about ‘Great annual events in Berlin’ could be)
  • Your content must be exclusive to LGS. This means, not posted anywhere else including your own blog.
  • You may link to a secondary blog post one time in your post, but it must be relevant to the post itself, and fit naturally with the flow of the article.

If you have original photos then you’re welcome to provide them (1280 x 720 please). If not, I will provide relevant stock photos.

If your pitch is accepted:

First of all, congratulations! By this point you will have my e-mail address, so I want you to reply to me with the following:

  • Your post pasted into the body of the e-mail
  • Imgur links to any photos you wish to provide (optional)
  • Your preferred name
  • A short bio
  • A link to your blog and/or socials

What you’ll get back:

All guest posts will have an author bio at the bottom of their posts with a link back to the blog and social media networks provided.