Before we begin: I am not about to ask you for money. That feels better, doesn’t it?

Let’s Go Scoutside, like most blogs, requires money to run but brings little money in. Rather than ask my readers for money (because who enjoys doing that, really?), I ask that you give this little guide a read at how you can support LGS without spending any extra money on your’s truly.

Consider disabling AdBlock

I know. Ads are, in a word, hideous. I use AdBlock myself and carefully select sites to whitelist purely because this is the safest way to browse the internet.

However, since I am determined not to rely on crowdfunding as a source of income, all I ask is that you whitelist the website so that the ads can do their job.

At the time of reading this you may not see many ads, but they will be here eventually (I will be signing up to MediaVine, a trusted and popular revenue service), and I would greatly appreciate you allowing them to do their thing so that I can earn some money, and keep the blog going.

Going shopping? Use my affiliate links

If you look to the right you’ll see a small banner (you will need to disable AdBlock to see it, as it is an ad in itself) for a website called SkimLinks.

SkimLinks is an affiliate network where bloggers such as myself can link to useful merchant websites (such as hotel, flight and travel gear sites in my case). How this works is when you make a purchase, I get a small commission at no extra cost to yourself.

In fact, nothing at all changes on your end.

You don’t pay more, nothing gets installed on your computer, and you don’t get forced to sign up to any weird mailing lists.

Link back to posts you find useful

Whether it’s on Twitter, your blog or Quora, if you find my content useful, linking back to it is vital to ensuring the blog is ranked higher on Google search (which in turn means more views, which in turn means more revenue).

Is there a guide or tip that you wish to see? Do you want me to write a guest post on your blog? Contact me and we will talk.