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Since my rebrand launch announcement, this blog sat in ‘coming soon’ mode for a further four weeks before I released it to the public. There were many reasons for this, the most obvious being that it simply wasn’t ready yet, and also because I wanted to announce The Director Must Die by name before opening the blog, since it’s mentioned quite a lot throughout.

Anyway, along with the overhaul of my brand, name and whatnot in general, I’m also launching a brand new Twitch channel. Today, I want to talk about what you can expect to see on that channel!

Streams will be from 10am “local” time onwards, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Although I am sure I won’t be able to stick to it every single day, the idea is, if I am going to do one of these things, it will be on these days, and I will strive to do them as often as possible.

MOURNDAY: On Mondays, I aim to seek out old buildings, historical sites, museums, art galleries, cool graveyards, and other places. Travelling is all about experiencing not only present culture, but the past, too. So let’s do that!

CHEWSDAY: On these days, I will be seeking out cool snacks, markets, restaurants and food stalls to try interesting foods. Whilst I can’t promise I’ll be wolfing down deep fried testicles, or sauteed cockroaches, I will try to keep things interesting!

THIRSTDAY: I wanted to ensure that one day per week my streams were relaxed, chill and afforded me the chance to just sit and talk with my community, without the interruptions of traffic, people and sightseeing. On this day I just find a nice place to eat, have a few afternoon drinks, and just hang out.

FRIGHTDAY: Quite possibly my favourite day of the week, on this day we’ll find potentially haunted or spooky places to do some ghost hunting! I’ll be armed with two types of EVP device, and if Streamlabs allows for it, I’ll have some spooky alerts on this day, too!

On a separate note, this is where/when you’ll find my other content:

  • Whilst there won’t be a video every Wednesday, when I upload a video blog, clip highlight video or whatever to YouTube, this will be the day it’s released.
  • I’m taking the blog to the next step, and I’m going to work hard on it. Blog posts, if you haven’t noticed already, will be twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday). Eventually I will be aiming for three posts per week, but I want to make that move gradually, and only if I have time.
  • The Director Must Die, my webcomic, is launched on 31st May 2019!
  • My mailing list goes out once a month, and contains a general summary of anything you might have missed, as well as exclusive offers for downloadable content!


Scout is a writer, artist and traveler hailing from the West Midlands in the UK. She runs this blog, a webcomic and a Twitch stream. She also likes bad shark movies and salted caramel.

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