The first time I ever mused out loud about taking a vacation to a beach resort alone, I was stared at as if there was a bad smell in the room.

“Why would you want to go on holiday by yourself? It’s a bit weird.”

This can’t-do attitude is the number one reason why many people are terrified to do anything by themselves. The herd mentality of those who require a veritable entourage to do everything from visiting a public bathroom to going to the movies is ruining your life.

Okay, perhaps it’s not outright ruining it. But it is definitely holding you back.

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It’s time to Embrace Your Weird.

should i go to the beach alone? (the answer is yes)
Just you, a good book and the sound of lapping waves.

If people consider you weird for wanting to go on vacation by yourself to sip cocktails on a beach, then embrace your inner weirdo, and let your freak flag fly, baby.

I can happily say that, for the most part, nobody cares that you’re by yourself. Beyond a passing glance, many people are too involved in their own hang-ups and business to care much about yours.

I won’t lie to you, however. Some people are going to ask you why you’re by yourself. This is usually out of curiosity, or because they wanted to talk to you and are legitimately wondering if your husband or girlfriend is in the bathroom.

If you let them see how much you enjoy indulging in your tourist side by yourself, you may even inspire them to do the same someday.

You can impress people by telling them it’s basically your job.

how to be a travel writer? Be a travel blogger!
It’s all about how you present yourself.

Sure, if you’re brutally honest, you’re just a person who threw a bit of caution to the wind and set off for Marbella in the hopes of grabbing a tan while you work on your travel blog. You may not even make any money from it (yet).

They don’t need to know that. Who discusses their income with a stranger on vacation, anyway?

Since most people would make the same ‘bad smell’ face if you said “I am a travel blogger,” say something better.

“I’m a travel writer.”

How impressive does that sound?

Sure, you’re not exactly penning award-winning articles for National Geographic, but if you maintain a blog with a focus on travel then you are, indeed, a travel writer.

The same tactic works for all forms of travel content, too.

Be sure to conveniently produce a well-made business card that you can slide over the table to them, and congratulate yourself; not only did you maintain confidence, you may have gained a new reader.

Selling yourself in the best possible light isn’t just a means to impress others, it’s more for your own benefit.

It is a fantastically empowering endeavor, and even the most judgmental minds will have trouble trying to bring you down a peg if you show full belief in what you do.

You can experience things differently.

A quiet beach is a terrible thing to waste
You don’t have to witness the beach hungover! Yay!

What is it about beach holidays that bring out the rampant alcoholic in most of us?

Don’t get me wrong, in my twenties I loved nothing more than the freedom of waking up and drinking a beer with my breakfast, and then pounding several thousand calories worth of cocktails on the evening.

I would do this for two-weeks straight; the concept of a night in, or an early start was difficult when vacationing with my friend, who was impossible to get going before 11am most days, because we wouldn’t roll back to the hotel until 3am every morning.

To me, the idea of a peaceful meal and a reasonable night’s sleep, and an early morning start is honestly heaven. Am I getting old? Probably.

Waking up at 6am, several hours before the average hungover holiday-goer brings about the kind of peace (especially if you visit the beach) that few get to experience, because they focus entirely on where to drink that evening, and recovering in the day.

You can fit more in (or do nothing at all).

Traveling alone means you call the shots
Do you want sit and stare at the horizon all day? You do you, boo.

One of my favourite things about indulging in a typical beach holiday is that you’re not pressured into doing stuff like you are on city breaks or trips off the beaten path. One of the main reasons people go to beach resorts is to get away from the constant requirement to be busy.

You have full freedom to lounge around like the sunburned goddess that you are, or fill your day to the brim with wild activities like snorkeling and banana-boating.

When you’re travelling with a friend or in a group, there will often be a dominant personality among you. This person is often the one to ‘suggest’ things, and will often get their way or kick up a stink about it when they don’t.

Whether you’re that person, or the one who has to compromise, taking a holiday alone means that you can change your mind at any point, and you don’t need to discuss it with anyone.

You’ll spend less money (and gain less weight).

You CAN lose weight while you travel! Incredible.
Drinking alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely.

Let’s not kid ourselves, beach resorts are one of the most expensive ways to have a vacation due to how we tend to approach them; excursions, drinking, eating out every night.

Beach holidays don’t really offer much in the way of self-sufficiency, because they need you to pay for every last luxury in order to stay in business.

And true to form, pay we do. We over-eat, over-drink, over-indulge. Why not, right? We’re on vacation! But when you’re travelling alone there’s simply less need to do this.

Going on vacation alone means you’re less likely to give in to an extra meal course that you’ve no desire to eat, or paying extra for an excursion you don’t particularly want to go on, but you go anyway because your friend begged you to.

The only thing you’ll spend more on is your hotel, because they tend to (unfairly, in my opinion) charge a subsidiary fee for the empty bed they’re now unable to sell. But if you know how to shop for a bargain, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

People will envy you.

There are so many reasons to go on vacation by yourself
Vacating alone builds confidence to levels I can’t put into words!

Do you know why people loudly nay-say other people’s ideas? Because they didn’t think of it themselves.

Do you want to know a secret?

Most people are embarrassed about the idea of going on a resort holiday alone, simply because they are told that it’s embarrassing to do so. If you were to ask them why, they’d likely respond with, “it just is.”

Others are scared they will look unpopular and friendless. There are also a few who simply lack confidence due to anxiety or self-image issues, but would happily go if they could resolve these issues.

How many times have you seen a daring activity taking place, like a skydive or swimming with sharks and thought: wow that looks amazing, but I’d never do that.

That is exactly what is running through most people’s minds when they make the frowny face and ask you why. They want to do it, but they lack the gall.

Embrace your gall, fellow traveler, you’ve earned it.

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